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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Narrow & Wide Glide Tracker Front Fork Brace

2010 Product Highlight
Getting back to the basics is what it’s all about this year, simplification in the name of function. That’s what our Fork brace accomplishes, it gets rid of your front fender without losing the integrity of the suspension. Our fork brace does a fantastic job of eliminating fork twist and increases rigidity from stock; all the while looking pretty damn good. Available in shiny ass chrome and Black powder coat finish with a riveted brass antique RSD logo. Scotch Brite the chrome for a fantastic brushed nickel look.

Click Here to view larger/higher quality video

Black Powder Coated Narrow Glide Tracker Front Fork Brace
Chrome Powder Coated Narrow Glide Tracker Front Fork Brace

Black Powder Coated Wide Glide Tracker Front Fork Brace

Chrome Wide Glide Tracker Front Fork Brace

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Kerwin Kerr said...

This tracker fork brace is not a bad plan but shouldn't it go on over or under the fender. I am fairly certain it won't fit with the stock fender. My main concern is that in some state they'll get on your case if they catch you without a front fender.
Kerwin Kerr

RSD said...

We get what you're saying but, sometimes you have to forfeit legalities for style. We have a personal vendetta against front fenders.

dean said...

I have the 2010 Wide Glide and removed the front fender. Your fork brace, which I love, dosnt work for it. The bolt configuration is different. Are you working on a tracker that fits the new Wide Glide?

RSD moto said...

If you have a FXDWG “Dyna Wideglide” it will not work. Our “Wideglide” fork brace is designed to fit most HD Wide Glide fork models, which are used mainly on Softails. The Dyna Wide Glide does not use a true “Wideglide” fork but rather a standard Dyna “Midglide” fork with Wideglide spacing. It is sort of confusing but hopefully this makes sense. The easiest way to tell Dyna forks apart from others is that they have vertical fender mounting bolts.

We have talked about making a Dyna-specific fork brace but will need some extra brackets and hardware to makes it work properly. The vertical bolt pattern simply does not offer enough span or surface area to stop the flex. We have not dug into this project yet but it is on our radar.

Anonymous said...

Will this brace fit with a 140-70-21 tire, and 21-3.5 rim ?

RSD moto said...

Yes sir!