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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Junk Yard Dog


This 2003 H-D Softail was unearthed a few years ago by Roland and the RSD team at a local junkyard. It had been stolen, crashed and totaled. There was no kickstand, the tank and primary were scratched, controls were shot and the bars were loose. It was on its way to the scrap bin, for sure.

The bike was then stripped down and cleaned up. The idea behind this bike was to build it up as cheaply as possible, mainly utilizing original equipment supplemented by a number of parts that were already lying around the shop. A few items were fabbed, but the point of this build was to show people that they can have a cool bike that's still way ridable. With the cool, cheap junkyard dog groomed, we affectionately named it Dusty.


Click here to view more photos of Dusty and other RSD customs


Click Here to download the full article

For more information on Dusty check out the Tech sheet.


Ralph said...

That's how like 'em... Nice understated ride.

All go, no show! Well sorta'

RSD moto said...

Thanks Ralph!

Anonymous said...

very nice lookin HD! I really like the color . . .is that a hot rod flatz color? Pinstriping sets it off!

Anonymous said...

"cheap"...really, o.k.

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