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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Victory Capone

Xtreme Bikes Magazine featured a kickass article on the Victory Capone! Well the pictures look pretty kickass but we can't read the article so we're just assuming it's good too. Check it out!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Offset Axle Nitro Circus Bike

Nitro Circus leaves its mark on Roland. We built an offset axle bike for Nitro Circus thinking it would be funny to watch someone else...get hurt. Check it out on this video!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Road Glide

Big props to Matt Risley and his 06 Road Glide. This beauty made it on the May issue cover of Hot Bike Baggers sporting our Diesel Wheels and Grips. Grab your copy and check out this great bike!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Architects of Inspiration

If you haven’t heard, RSD partnered with Toyota and Upper Playground for last year’s IMS tour. As part of that, we’ve gathered some of the best artists in the world and put them in an airplane hanger at the Long Beach Airport over the week. They were busy preparing and painting huge gallery walls, which were on display at the IMS shows across the nation. Each artist’s piece will tell a unique story of an RSD bike, Toyota truck, or Bell Helmet. It is a really cool concept combining motors (trucks and Motorcycles) with Art work and has been a show-stopper. Check out this unique blend of motors, art and vision. Below is a list of the featured artists as well as a video from Socalactionsports.

Roland dealing with the Man

The builder, beauty, and the beast

Jona Cerwinske

Roland Sands and the Smokin’ Seagulls crew (friends of RSD)

We want to extend a round of thanks to everyone that participated in this endeavor! You all know who you are and how inspiring your contributions are to the success of this show and our collaborations. We all had a hand in something that transcended genres of art, mechanics, function, and life. Thanks again for everything everyone of you are an Architect of Inspiration!


Friday, March 12, 2010

Mickey Rourke's Bike

Day 10

Well with all the fab work complete on Mickey's bike it is time to dismantle it and get it ready for the new finishes. One key part to the finish work on anything is the paint. So before we paint our gas tanks we send them out for sealing. We take our tanks to "Gary's Radiator" in Fullerton CA. Every time you go see Bob Hornidge who owns Gary's Radiator it is a real treat. Apparently someone told the California fish and game department about Bob's pet alligator "Reggie II". They were there thirty minutes before I arrive to drop off the tank. I was super bummed to find out Reggie II and been abducted by the government. I've watched Reggie grow up from a 6inch gator to a menacing 3ft garbage disposal. I can only hope Reggie gets the same care at his new home as he received in the radiator shop. If you ever in Fullerton do yourself a favor and stop by to see Bob, he is one of the coolest cats I know. I always describe his shop as what I picture heaven looking and feeling like. Thank God for true Americans like Bob. When people talk about someone being a one of a kind they usually exaggerate, but Bob is no exaggeration in the one of a kind dept. Tell him Rodney sent you and he might give you a Budweiser and let you feed the huge totus that roams the yard. Plus if you need a gas tank sealed or a radiator fixed there is no one better.

Gary's Radiator
225 West Truslow Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92832-2390
(714) 526-3367

Day 9

A few wise words from RSD,
When we successfully take the long way, we realize we would not have changed one single thing about the way we went, even if it took us much longer than expected. We realize there is a reason for everything and we appreciate all we have learned. Eventually, we even understand that we didn’t take the long way, but rather we took the only path we could.
That was deep. Enjoy the raw bike!

Day 8

Have you ever been in a race? Everyone has even if they don't even know it. The trash man might be racing the car that is trying to exit it's driveway, the secretary might be racing to finish the 1084 form early in order to have an extra 5 minutes for a smoke break, it doesn't really matter what you are racing but we all are racing in one way or another. Well the race consists of a few parts, the start, the main body and the finish. All parts of the race are important in their own way but if you don't finish with a little pizzazz no one will remember you. You may have started well and been really consistent throughout the middle of the race but if you don't have a strong finish you will be forgotten. I relate this to bike building or art in general; it is the finish work that really makes the piece memorable. Here are a few examples of finish you might enjoy.


Day 7:

I asked Aaron to mount the battery, make sure it is secured properly and to make sure it is visually pleasant to look at. I was impressed when I came over at the end of the day and he had built a full containment unit complete with stainless mesh panels on all sides. Well their isn't any chance of the battery moving let alone escaping this prison like environment Aaron created. After examining and thinking about what he did I believe I'm going to invite him over this weekend to build a containment unit to catch the wild rabbit that terrorizes my yard. I spent countless hours nurturing my sweet peas and once they bloomed that damn rabbit had his way with them real savage like. Looking at the quality work Aaron did on the battery I would have to say the rabbit has no chance and my flowers will flourish just as the bike is beginning to bloom right before my eyes. It's nice to be surrounded by talented people.


Day 6:

The time has come to get back to work on Mickey's bike. We all know the story of the St Bernard saving the stuck hikers in the snow. He comes with whisky in a barrel strapped to his neck and the people are saved, drunk and happy. Well this isn't anything like that. When this oil bag supplies it's slick content to the motor all hell might brake loose. Mothers grab your babies and hide your daughters, Mickey will be ripping through the streets thanks to the 2 quarts of oil supplied by this mini barrel of lubrication.

Day 5:

Today I watched as Rodney bitched at Jeff and shouted orders across the shop while “working”. The oil bag sat lonely under the bike awaiting tubing and mounting devices as Rodney rambled on about things pertaining to the ever increasing price of orange juice and flour. Jeff idled slowly by as Rod’s continued dissertations flowed through the shop in and out of the ears of compatriots as they passed by. I could tell his patience was running short and the relationship stressed by flying sparks and shards of metal was at a crucial moment. Things proved more fruitful towards the later part of the day. The oil bag mounted and the gas tank nearly finished provided evidence the relationship was still operational.

Day 4:

With the frame and swingarm done it is time to tackle the tank. With a little wrestling and a few select words, a tunnel, tank halves and knee pockets have appeared. Now that we have the structure of our tank we will look to the rear of the bike and apply some love to the tail section. I can only hope the tail section accepts the affection I’m prepared to give it. Many tail sections and I have failed to make a connection which leaves them laying in the scrap bin and me alone wondering where I went wrong in the relationship. In these lonely times we learn about ourselves and gather up the strength to move on. Often through heartache beauty is born, I just hope we go all the way on the first date.

Day 3:

Well we are back at the fixturing table and the swingarm is speaking sweet nothing to Jeff and myself. Each tube is falling into place like soldiers on parade. The shock mount is positioned on the demmeler table and there is no escape in sight. It will concede just as the rest of the tubes have done. Tonight Jeff and I will be drinking cold Budweisers knowing we won the battle of 4130 street.

Day 2:

With the help of a whip, I’ve managed to get Jeff to roll the backbone and the two rear legs on Mickey’s new frame. Pain seems to be inspiration for him. When we start the swingarm I might need a small bat to extract the desired results from Jeff.

Day 1:

Well not exactly day one, the first day was spent taking apart a complete 05 softail. We used the neck and frame cradle to start our build. The remainder of the bike will be put to sleep in our stock Harley graveyard next door. May all those unwanted parts RIP. Tomorrow we will begin the rebuild of the chassis, make her better, stronger and faster. Stay tuned for updates.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ridin Dirty

No we're not talking about driving with illegal drugs and or having unregistered firearms with you...we're talking about having fun, pushing your limits and getting dirty on two wheels. Check out this next months Hot Bike mag for the full story and more filthy pictures!

Photos: Matt Wignall
Words: Eric Ellis

Monday, March 8, 2010

Graphic Designer for RSD

We are looking for an experienced graphic designer to develop and create our comprehensive media programs

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Design multiple print projects including yearly catalogs, print advertising, displays, signage, packaging, sales materials and brochures.
  • Design multiple online marketing campaigns
  • Direct photo shoots and edit photos
  • Produce copy for company marketing materials
  • Website design (basic html and CSS), development, maintenance, and modification
  • Basic photography skills a bonus

Required Qualifications
  • Bachelors degree in Graphic Design or Fine Arts is required
  • 5 + year in related field
  • Knowledge of typography, layout, color and visual communication theory, with consistency in design
  • Experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe In Design, Creative Suite 4, Dreamweaver
  • Strong web development skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Highly organized with the ability to meet deadlines
  • Motorcycle Enthusiast a plus

If you are an experienced graphic designer that would like to work for Roland Sands Design, please send your resume to> . Serious applicants only. DO NOT post your resume or personal information on the Facebook page. If available, please include your online website portfolio.

The Mean Machine

Once again, our boys at Shaw turned it up with this new creation. It not only looks bad ass but won the AMD show in England this last weekend. This is just another great example of what a little creativity and the right parts can do for an HD Softail. Bike features RSD Nostalgia Rocker Box Covers, cam cover, Derby Cover and spring seat kit.


Monday, March 1, 2010

RSD Apparel

We have finally picked our creative minds out of the grease, steel and aluminum chips long enough to get some T-shirts designed. We hope you enjoy them. They are high quality pieces with some huge prints so you can represent RSD properly.