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Monday, December 21, 2009

Kenny Roberts

Our good friend Kenny Roberts who is still just as crazy as he was in the 70’s puts on a great show for the crowd at the Indy Mile in 2009. This is a very cool video with some heartfelt words from the King himself.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009


This can happen to you too. Be careful out there this holiday season all you boys and girls on two wheels.

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The team at RSD.
Plus just a cool little piece to think about.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Harley Backflips

The first time in the world that a Harley Davidson has been back flipped to Dirt. Kain Saul from the Gold Coast-Australia, was the mad man behind the bars.

The jump took place in Victoria at one of Cam Sinclair's practice compounds that is owned by Russ and the boys. Cam Sinclair is the first person to throw a double backflip into a freestyle run. He was there to give a hand, he is pretty handy at flipping things.

The XR1200 Sportster was supplied by Harley Davidson Australia and prepared by Gavin Walker and co from Quick Fix Harley Davidson Mildura, The bike tips the scales at 257 kilo and has around 100 horsepower.

Here are the modifications they made:
-STD Harley Street rod rear shocks
-Tag handle bars
-Strengthened triple trees
-WP front forks with heavier springs and valving
-Chain drive with the standard swing arm
-KTM front master cylinder the rear brake pedal was removed
-Knobby tires

Filmed and edited by Firestorm Films. FSF

The jump and this footage was featured on SPORTS TONIGHT as the PLAY OF THE DAY.


Monday, December 14, 2009

So you think you're a biker...

Back in the days before there was suspension, ground clearance, heated grips and Gortex there were men. Men who, when faced with the challenge of a perilous accent on suicide shift Harley’s faced the challenge as one would an ascent on Everest. These photos from the Weber family photo album make the “Last man standing” look like a walk in the park.

Yet another 1952 Sunday ride ventured up Arapahoe Pass - it's near Eldora , Colorado and is now all wilderness. Stupid lousy rotten environmental freaks, but I digress… (sigh)

The clan started out from my Dad's house in Wheat Ridge , which is a stone's throw from Golden, CO. They usually left about 8:00 a.m. If you didn't arrive on time, they'd leave you. Hard knocks. They headed up to Boulder , CO and followed the nice, twisty, scenic Boulder Canyon to Nederland . From there they headed through the town of Eldora and up Arapahoe pass.

One Sunday ride took 'em to the top of Mount Evans , elevation 14,264. This was back in the day before it was paved all the way to the top. It was, however, paved here if it hadn't been for the snow. I was recently in a similar situation on my Rally Twin coming over Pearl Pass. I thought it was touchy enough, and I didn't have a FOOT CLUTCH!!! Yikes!

Here's the 'usual suspects' again taking a morning break on a nice Sunday ride.

Turned out that this the wrong way (DUH!). The Harley guys actually let the english bike riders be guinea pigs on this part of the ride. Must've been one of those hot-headed british riding know-it-alls that suggested it in the first place...

These guys weren't shy of riding on a bit of snow, either. Here's Mike Sadusky on his 50 Harley. Man, I really envy this guy's legs. I bet he could straddle the 950 Adventure-S with his knees bent. Me, on the other hand, can't physically touch both toes to the ground at the same time. Mike used to drape his legs over the handle bars to stretch on those long road trips (no joking!). Who needs hiway pegs?

These guys also had a lot of fun just playin’ around. Imagine getting a couple feet (OR MORE!) of air on a 750 HARD-TAIL Harley! This makes you GS-jumpers look like whimps, with your fancy rear suspension and all. Sheesh!

But the most insane (read: talented) member of the group in the area of piloting a Harley 74(7) through the air was a fellow named Kenny Erie. If Kenny was alive today and about 50 years younger, I’m sure he’d be one of the top names in freestyle!

Here’s a portrait of my dad taken in 1951, just before the start of a nice ride. Notice the cool stylish apparel. Helmet? I don't need no stinking helmet! Of course, this was pre-head injury days....


Friday, December 11, 2009

Point of Purchase Display

Check out the most recent post of RSD at

"Not content just creating radicals parts and doo-dads for custom V-twins
and sportbikes, the evil geniuses over atRoland Sands Design are cooking up some new POP displays to help dealers showcase the merchandise. Additionally, the company has also come up with new packaging for the products that helps create a unified look that can more easily be merchandised within the dealership.

For dealers interested in the new displays but don't want to break the bank, RSD is working on a sales program for ordering the POP, says Cameron Brewer, the company's product coordination specialist. Brewer was manning the RSD booth during the Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties Reno Showcase in early November.

The displays are designed to hold several RSD products, including a new lineup of casual apparel the company is launching. Interchangeable panels depicting RSD's latest ad campaign are inserted on all sides of the display.

Brewer says the company is working to make it easier for dealers to merchandise and sell the RSD line, an approach that also has the custom parts manufacturer retooling many of its popular products to lower their MSRP. "We're starting to look for more pricepoint items," he says.

With reaching customers becoming more of a challenge, RSD has pumped up its social network marketing efforts with a blog, a Facebook site and what it's calling the "Blog-It" program. Enclosed in each RSD product package is a postcard that let's customers know if they take a picture or shoot video of their RSD-adorned machine, post it to any of the popular social networking websites and send a link of the site to RSD, the company will send them a limited edition T-shirt.

Once a month, the company will pick the best pic or video and feature it on the official Roland Sands Design blog (RSD Blog). The RSD crew will also award a $100 gift certificate to one of the first five customers to get 10,000 hits on their video."


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Riders For Health

Rossi/Riders for Health R1 project unveiled at Long Beach

Motorcycle Hall of Famer Don Emde has commissioned a special custom Yamaha R1 to be auctioned to benifit Riders for Health. The non-profit raises funds through the sales of special projects, such as the R1 that pays homage to nine-time World Champion Valentino Rossi; the Yamaha is the first project for Riders for Health.
This piece of art features RSD's Ronin Wheels, Front brake reservoir, Triple clamp and Mirror block-off's. Painted with "5 continents" design by Rossi's world famous painter, Aldo Drudi in Italy. Will be auctioned off later in 2010, date TBA.

Motorcycle: 2009 Yamaha R1 (donated by Yamaha Motor Corp. USA)

Aftermarket Products Installed (all donated by the manufacturers):

  • Wheels: Roland Sands Designs Ronin
  • Tires: Bridgestone BT-003
  • Brake pads: EBC Double H
  • Brake rotors: EBC
  • Brake lines: Goodridge
  • Front brake reservoir: Roland Sands Designs Combat
  • Front suspension: Ohlins FGRT808
  • Rear suspension: Ohlins TTX
  • Seat: Saddlemen base (top pad custom made by Saddlemen)
  • Triple Clamp: Roland Sands Designs Assault
  • Clip-ons: Vortex
  • Clutch lever and mount and lever: Vortex
  • Front brake lever and mount: Vortex
  • Fuel cap and base: Vortex
  • Exhaust: Akrapovic Evolution
  • Air filter: K&N
  • EFI controller: Dynojet Power Commander V
  • Mirror block offs: Roland Sands Designs (prototype for R1)
  • Rear sets: Vortex
  • Gel Grips: Yamaha GYTR
  • Heel Guard trim, Yamaha GYTR
  • Rear Sprocket: Vortex, 47T black
  • Countershaft sprocket: Vortex, 17T
  • Rear chain: EK, 120 L black with gold pins
  • Carbon Fiber tank trim: Yamaha GYTR
  • Carbon Fiber chain guard: Yamaha GYTR
  • Race stand spools: Yamaha GYTR
  • Race stand, rear: Yamaha GYTR


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Customer Highlight

Dream Smasher
Pro Charger built this ass kicking 122 HP Night Train. This ‘Dream Smasher’ is based around the chassis and engine of a 2007 Harley-Davidson Night Train. The ProCharger supercharger kit comes with an intercooler to cool the incoming air charge after it’s been pressurized by the supercharger and before it is fed into the carburetor. The punchier motor now breaths through a Covington Customs exhaust system. The result is 122bhp, up 55bhp on the stock 67bhp!

Along with the Pro Charger they used a host of RSD products including our headlight relocator, Cam Cover, Spring Seat kit and the rear fender and struts for the 200 tire. We want to ride it.

Contact your nearest Drag Specialties Dealer for more information on our products.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Canyon Run

It's always fun to ride with your crazy friends and when it's with someone as crazy as you are it can be nutso. This was the case when Cernicky and I had the opportunity to ride the two yellow Honda's side by side in the amazing twistys above Riverside. Azusa Canyon provided a killer backdrop for our hooligan ways. We wheelied, we slid, we banked some nasty rock riddled corners and we tried to keep the abuse to a minimum, but it's a little hard sometimes with these two machines. They beg to be ridden illegaly. They don't like to accelerate unless the headlight is pointed at the clouds and they don't like to stop unless the back wheel is hung out or in the air. Good plain American fun is what I call it.

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Good day sir.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

NPA Ducati 1098

Featured Bike

A chopped up 1098 would make most Ducati purists turn in their grave which is fine by us. We do draw the line when it comes to anything wider than a 250 rear tire as after that things really go south, but when you are looking for the perfect middle ground wide tire street custom we think we have found. Stock length single sided custom swing arms and 18 x 8.5 rear wheels. You really get the best of both worlds with this set up and as street customs go this bike still rips. Justyn rode it to Laguna Seca and back, took highway 1 all the way up and loved it. We love it too. Check out the RSD crash sliders, bar ends, custom 1 off Ronin wheels and hand built swingarm and up coming RSD graphics kit.

More pictures of this bike and others can be viewed here.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ribbed Mini Apes

2010 Product Highlight
A New Classic for those who love the simple lines of a short ape hanger with a little extra style. Designed to match our Nostalgia ribbed cover line parts these bars are a stand out and a beautiful finishing touch to any custom build or customized stocker. Hand built and tig welded in the good ol’ USA with CNC milled ribbed accents welded and blended to steel tubing.

Click Here to view larger/higher quality video

Available For Standard Applications Only
1” Diameter To Accept Stock Or Aftermarket Hand Controls
33” Wide x 9” Rise x 5-3/4” Center Width x 5-1/2 Pullback
Knurled, Slotted And Drilled For Internal Wiring
Knurling For Risers At 3-1/2” On-Center
Stylish Ribbed Accents Are One Of A Kind
Fully TIG Welded
*Not for use on Springer applications with 4-3/4’’ on-center risers

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Fanpage

Become a fan of RSD on Facebook!
We are currently in the process of switching our friend page on facebook over to a fan page. So if you are currently a friend of Roland Sands on Facebook be sure to hit us up on our RSD fan page as we will be terminating the friend page on 12/1/09. We will be constantly updating our bike builds, events, photos and shenanigans around the office. This is also a great way for you to get your hands on a limited edition, RSD "Go Ride" T-shirt. Simply post a picture or video with RSD product on your bike and send us an email at with your mailing address so we can send you your free shirt!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Blood-Episode 3

New Blood details the storied background of both Kenny Roberts and Roland Sands - including interviews from MotoGP Champion Nicky Hayden, Arlen Ness, Perry Sands, and Charlie Boorman. New Blood provides a glimpse into the creative mind of Roland Sands and incorporates the history of MotoGP racing and the drive to deliver the is unique motorcycle. For more information please go to ROLANDSANDS.COM

Click Here to view larger/higher quality video

Narrow & Wide Glide Tracker Front Fork Brace

2010 Product Highlight
Getting back to the basics is what it’s all about this year, simplification in the name of function. That’s what our Fork brace accomplishes, it gets rid of your front fender without losing the integrity of the suspension. Our fork brace does a fantastic job of eliminating fork twist and increases rigidity from stock; all the while looking pretty damn good. Available in shiny ass chrome and Black powder coat finish with a riveted brass antique RSD logo. Scotch Brite the chrome for a fantastic brushed nickel look.

Click Here to view larger/higher quality video

Black Powder Coated Narrow Glide Tracker Front Fork Brace
Chrome Powder Coated Narrow Glide Tracker Front Fork Brace

Black Powder Coated Wide Glide Tracker Front Fork Brace

Chrome Wide Glide Tracker Front Fork Brace

Click here to download printable PDF flyer for your shop


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Diesel Platinum Cut Wheel

2010 Product Highlight
At RSD we constantly push ourselves to evolve our designs; with the Platinum Cut Diesel we are rolling with the same tough detail and aggressive lines as the original, but now offering the Platinum Cut styling. We start with our Contrast Cut process then hand polish the exposed cut away areas to a high gloss finish. Platinum Cut takes your bike to the next tier of fine detail.

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Click here to download printable PDF flyer for your shop


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Junk Yard Dog


This 2003 H-D Softail was unearthed a few years ago by Roland and the RSD team at a local junkyard. It had been stolen, crashed and totaled. There was no kickstand, the tank and primary were scratched, controls were shot and the bars were loose. It was on its way to the scrap bin, for sure.

The bike was then stripped down and cleaned up. The idea behind this bike was to build it up as cheaply as possible, mainly utilizing original equipment supplemented by a number of parts that were already lying around the shop. A few items were fabbed, but the point of this build was to show people that they can have a cool bike that's still way ridable. With the cool, cheap junkyard dog groomed, we affectionately named it Dusty.


Click here to view more photos of Dusty and other RSD customs


Click Here to download the full article

For more information on Dusty check out the Tech sheet.