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Thursday, October 8, 2009

RSD Trike?

I used to ride ATC’s when I was a kid. This was in the days before quads existed. ATC’s were a unique and dangerous 3 wheel creation that mangled many of kid, me included. I was in Glamis when I was 14 and launched off a sand dune on my Honda 250R. I landed front wheel first, flew in front of the bike and the bike landed on me breaking my pelvis. I have hated all 3 wheeled vehicles since that day. Today I designed my first Trike, I still have a strange taste in my mouth.

1 comment:

Brewser said...

Is that Travis Pastrana 199 in the photo? haha! Sorry about your pelvis but we all had our bad luck on 3 wheelers. I rememeber, when I was a kid, grinding a bunch of skin off the back of my calf for putting my foot down as my ATC185 was tipping over. Scary machines.