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Monday, October 26, 2009

Nitro Circus

This behind the scene footage of our shoot for Nitro Circus is narrated by the one and only Pepper, aka Mayor of Skid Row aka Leader of the Homeless. While he shares his thoughts Roland Sands and Andy Bell jump the L.A. River!

Click Here to view larger/higher quality video

Click here to view more photos of the Nitro Circus shoot!

MTV’s Nitro Circus is a television show featuring highly skilled, adrenaline-fueled mad men. Some would say this motley group has a death wish.. maybe. This week’s episode will feature Roland and the Nitro Crew thrashing the RSD stable of bikes in the LA River. Watch Roland and Andy Bell attempt to jump the LA river on Big V Twins! Take a peek at this week’s all-new episode, airing Thursday at 10PM ET/PT on MTV.



Steve Natt said...

Back in the day (I think it was a Wednesday in fact), we'd have called this "dope." On an earlier day, perhaps a Monday, it'd have been "bitchen" or "gnarly."

Now, I don't know what the fuck to call it, but I like it.

RSD moto said...

Haha, Ya we don't know what to call it either! The man is just crazy.

Thanks Steve!

Anonymous said...

Thought it were shite, misled into clicking a link from MCN to see a bloke jump over a river.
Did he make it? Who cares? Tossers!

Anonymous said...

i agree with anoymous...WTF! Thats it! weak!

CycleBoy said...

I'd say that's a bunch of Gnardogs pullin some seriously RAD shit right there... keep it comin..
And yes "rad" is still in syle where I'm at.

Crizy said...

Really cool men!!! Really cool!!! When will you coming to Spain????