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Monday, May 3, 2010

XR 1200 Build

Day 30

The day has finally arrived. The bike is finished!
Thank you to all who followed along so patiently. We think it looks pretty mean. Let us know what you think.

Day 23

Vance & Hines gave us this cool exhaust tip to work with so we fabbed up the rest of the exhaust using stainless tubing with a hand tweaked two into one and our own head pipes. One could consider this an updated cafe pipe. We also moved the oil cooler from the side of the bike to underneath the neck and installed crash sliders. Not that we plan on crashing or anything...but you never know!

Day 21

The frame & swing arm are back from Olympic Powder Coating after a layer of charcoal texture was applied. The Engine is back as well and the prototype Turbo Wheels with the Tuxedo finish is looking sharp.

Single sided swing arm with eccentric hub.
Ohlins forks, custom triples and clip-ons.

Day 17
The keys to looking elegant are simplicity and giving proper attention to details. This is what we strive for with the new Tuxedo finish on our Turbo wheel. With two distinct black surface finishes, this is taking black to the next level.

Day 14-16
Money shot.

Day 12-13
Belly pan....Check!

Day 11
Tail section...Check!

Day 1-10
We decided to make things interesting with this XR1200 build. The RSD team is currently working hard on transforming this simple industrial motorcycle into a stylish high performance sportbike. Keep your eye on this build as our next challenge will be to design a custom aluminum tail section and belly-pan with an integrated oil tank.

• Single-sided swingarm with Ohlins shock and Ducati linkage.
• Ohlins GSX-R front fork



ryan said...

this thing looks mean already

Kerwin Kerr said...

I your XR1200 is pretty cool. I have an 06 XL883 so I'm into Sporties as well as big twins. I've got an 87 FXR as well. I picked up a Ducati single sided swing arm and was going to install it on a big twin Twin Cam B frame.
The XR1200 frame is still pretty heavy for a sport bike. Harley had to increase the weight by about 50 lbs. so the rubber mount frames would have the same rigidity as the older pre-rubber mount units. Weight can be saved by replacing frame components with chrome moly tubing. I'm anxiously waiting to see the results of this XR1200 build. You're doing great. Keep it up.
Kerwin Kerr

Bobx said...

f'in mad max shit right there!

Anonymous said...

Looks cool although the tank looks too big now.

bubble visor said...

great details!
the tank looks a bit out of place but it
would be nice if you painted the top of the tank white and leave the plastic black so it'll look smaller

Ivan said...

awesome..., RSD pure custom.

Bobx said...

bike looks good. whats up with that big black curtain behind the guys putting on the clip ons? rsd shrouded in secretcy????

CrownMoto said...


Moto.Lux said...

Man, you guys always build the coolest, slickest, and most beautiful bikes! You guys are truly forward thinking artists! Amazing! Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

amazing work, that and no regrets two of the most amazing bikes, wish you could buy something like these. Aussie Andy

Anonymous said...

I want one in my garage!!!! very beautiful bike roland,thank you for your job.

Holdingfast said...

most amazing awesomeness!

Ilya said...

Great bike MAN! Cant wait to see the video and hear the sound!

Rocket68 said...

Bravo, good job .. like your usual

Marcus_of_MarcusMotoDesign said...

That is damn aggressive! Great work man!


Markus said...

Delicious, reeeeeeally delicious! What a great bike!

regards from germany

Anonymous said...

Need to take that exhaust into production.