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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mickey Rourke's Bike

Day 1:

Well not exactly day one, the first day was spent taking apart a complete 05 softail. We used the neck and frame cradle to start our build. The remainder of the bike will be put to sleep in our stock Harley graveyard next door. May all those unwanted parts RIP. Tomorrow we will begin the rebuild of the chassis, make her better, stronger and faster. Stay tuned for updates.


Petrovich said...

This is really the beginning of work on a motorcycle for MICKEY ROURKE?

RSD moto said...

Yes Sir!

Stay tuned as we will be constantly updating the blog with our progress!

Petrovich said...

I will follow with interest.
When the plans to finalize the bike?

RSD moto said...

Our goal is to have the raw build of the bike finished in about a month.