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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

RSD New Product: Tracker Grips

This is the new RSD Tracker Grip. When your screaming down the highway at 100+ your grip better stick. There isn’t a better way to ensure that, than the RSD Tracker Grips; made with real Renthal rubber, CC machined speed dots, and whole lotta throttle twist.  Grip it, Twist it,  and Rip it.

Contrast Cut Tracker Grip

Contrast Cut Tracker Grip on Bike Compatible with stock Throttle Housing.

Chrome Cut Tracker Grip

Chrome Cut Tracker Grip on Bike Compatible with stock throttle housing. 
Available in January of 2009 from all Drag Specialties authorized dealers. 
Get A Grip!


Raul said...

how come your website is 8 months old?

dagger said...

I LOVE your shit! it's the sickest for my scoot-when you gonna' do a line for Dyna's?The tracker and vintage stuff is GREAT!How about a Hot Rod style line of stuff?Dagger's for life!

Anonymous said...

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